I was born in 1980 Sao Paulo, Brazil. I am graduated in architecture and complemented my education obtaining the title of Master in Photography with the dissertation “Foreing Photographers in the city: the field work and image of São Paulo, 1930-60” advocated in 2011 motivated by my interest in photography and the different looks about the city.

The practice of photography has appeared experimentally since 2015 during a road trip and has become increasingly an important investigative practice and deepening the theme of drift, human existence, time, passage and feminist issues.


2017 :: "Drifting to silence", Casa Museu Casares Quiroga, La Coruña, Spain.


2018 :: Colective projection "Le marché de la photo, les practiques emergentes entre le Brésil et la France"- Galerie Collection Privée, curated by Glaucia Nogueira and Ioana Mello. Paris, France.


2018 :: Since June 2018, I have been an integral part of the collection of the collector Joaquim Paiva with the work "Under Construction" in polyptych format of 16 photographs, being edition number 01 of the total of 03 editions.

2017 :: Awarded at the FESTFOTO Porto Alegre, receiving as a prize a scholarship for reading the portfolio at the Photography Triennial in Hamburg, Germany.