The wall in between

"the wall in between" is a reflection on the presence of the female body acting on the construction site. This place, which is familiar to me and where I have always been a protagonist,  recently has imposed its oppressive presence on my domain in this territory. This environment dominated by the vigor of the masculine body.

I found myself invented by those men. I was intimidated by their stares.

The way I found to deal with the circumstance was camouflage - a mimicry on the walls of the play.

But, containing these manifestations that established a more immediate relation of desire, cause and effect, the photographs came in an accurate time.

With the camera, I first reviewed the environment. Dirty. Noisy. Aggressive. Arid. Hostile.

Then the body. Vulnerable. Exposed. Unauthorized. Shut up.

The wall is born as a safe representation of separation between bodies. But it also establishes itself as a physical, social, hierarchical, everyday barrier that does not allow the skins to meet.